Music Software Made Simple

All the tools you need to make quality music with ease.

Designed by producers for producers, this new go-to plug-in for music production is packed with thousands of presets and tons of effects ready to go.

Pro Grade Rompler

Desktop & iOS Compatible

Make beats in the studio (VST/AU) or on the go with Octane's AUV3 app. Download it from the App Store today.

Multi-layer instruments

Give that extra thickness to your sounds with over 2000 samples and 20+ onboard effects.

More Unlimited Sounds

Even more sounds constantly delivered directly to you. Download and use without ever leaving your DAW.

1000+ Loops powered by certified Platinum RIAA artists with content geared towards the top trending genres: Pop, Trap, Edm, & more.

The Ultimate Smart Sampler

Certified Platinum RIAA Artists

Play and transform downloadable loops from certified artists into playable instruments. Easily match the pitch and BPM of your music sessions.

Royalty Free Forever

Every loop you make is royalty free and available for your use.

Unlimited Sounds

New sounds constantly delivered directly to you. Download and use without ever leaving your DAW.

VYBE transforms any audio into a dark, downtempo version of itself​

An Essential Multi-effects Tool

No setup required

Create Half-speed effects, lofi effects, reverse without losing pitch or tempo, auto-pan, and trance gate instantly.

Adjustable loop lengths

Create multi-bar slow-downs, atmospheric rhythm shifts all within three speed modes.


Automatically perform filter sweeps, lofi effects and trance gating over time

A free powerful free addition to your plugin collection, packed with inspirational sounds

Our Lightest Multi-Instrument Rompler

What's Included

220+ factory presets that will provide you quality sounds!

Quality Sounds

Guaranteed to fit into every genre such as : HipHop, Trap, RnB, Pop, EDM, and many more!


Loaded with effects such as 2-Layer Sampler / Reverb / Delay / Trance Gate / Filter / & more!