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OCTANE, designed by producers for producers, is the new go-to audio plug-in for music production. With tons of presets and effects ready to go, OCTANE is designed to find inspiration for any music producer, and the sound for your next hit in seconds!

The only pro-grade VST for $9.99


Transform any audio into a dark, downtempo version of itself. Lead synths morph into heavyweight TRAP bass goblins, piano lines into haunting trap harmonies, and percussion becomes rhythmic!

COMING SOON!  —  AUV3, you can bring your effects with you anywhere!

COMING SOON!  — Play and transform downloaded loops into playable instruments.
Easily match the pitch & BPM of your music sessions.

Coming to a DAW near you... 2023

Custom Branded VST Production

Roll your own custom branded VST, the name, the branding, the content is all yours. We create the VST and all the support while you provide the content.

SoundWare runs the entire technical platform to produce and operate the VST including administration system, payment processing, support and the ability to drop sound packs and offer monthly subscription options

Are you a major producer or artist?

Mobile DAW for iOS & Android

TIZE makes it easy to create professional music right on your phone or mobile device!

Create a unlimited amount of pro quality sounds for melodies and endless drum patterns

Share and collaborate with your friends on any song

Edit / Mix / & Add Multiple FX

Free Professional Mobile Studio on the Go!

Beatmaking Game for iOS

Bump is a fun and easy-to-use music loop engine with the ability to create dope beats or ‘Bumps’.

*No experience required.

Learn how to get the most out of Bump using our follow-along guide.

Bump it up! — with friends, family, and the rest of the Bump community.