Complete Music Production Bundle

Get OCTANE Plugin, SYLO Plugin, VYBE Plugin, TIZE Plugin, 2000+ Instruments & 1000+ Loops.

OCTANE - Pro Grade Rompler​

With lots of ready to use presets and effects including Reverb, Delay, Distortion, Filter, Trance Gate, Stereo Imaging, dual Arpeggiators & more.

With the OCTANE Store: 2,000+ sounds at your fingertips. Skip the online hunt, download, and start creating. Fresh sounds added regularly!

With the OCTANE Layers: Stack samples for richer sounds. Reverse, tune, add arpeggiators & more! Features include ADSR, Ring Modulation, and Tremolo.

Hear OCTANE In Action

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Nitro Pack
Vibes Pack

SYLØ - The Ultimate Smart Sampler

1000+ Loops powered by certified Platinum RIAA artists with content geared towards the top trending genres: Pop, Trap, Edm, & more.

In your SYLØ purchase you will get vocal loops, trap guitar loops, R&B piano loops, pop chord progressions, and lots more! With built-in time-stretching and pitch shifting, all loops will match the BPM and Key of your current project

Download sounds without leaving your DAW

VYBE - An Essential Multi-effects Tool

With VYBE, you can create half-speed effects, lofi effects, reverse, auto-pan, and trance gate instantly, without any setup. Or get deeper with powerful creative controls. It can be used on loops, virtual instruments or even done live.

You can switch between three speed modes to access classic half-speed, tight harmonies, and euphoric quad-time grooves. Adjustable loop lengths give you the option to create multi-bar slow-downs, atmospheric rhythm shifts.

TIZE - Our Lightest Multi-Instrument Rompler

TIZE - Our Lightest Multi-Instrument Rompler

With the Tize Plugin, a powerhouse of over With 220+ mesmerizing factory presets, that will provide you exceptional quality sounds!
Loaded with effects such as 2-Layer Sampler / Reverb / Delay / Trance Gate / Filter / & more!

Tize Plugin effortlessly adapts to any genre you explore and guaranteed to fit into every genre such as : HipHop, Trap, RnB, Pop, EDM, and many more!

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New Year Sale! Hurry Up - Offer Ends Soon.


New Year Sale! Hurry Up - Offer Ends Soon.




SoundWare Complete

ALL SoundWare Plugins + Expansions
2500+ Instruments / 1000+ Loops


OCTANE Complete

Rompler with 2500+ Instruments, 30+FX



Time Stretching and Pitch Shifting Sampler with 1000+ Loops



Multi Effect Plugin with Reverse, Lo-Fi, Half-Time and more!